Boris Becker: He still has to pay off so many debts

After a mega fee for an interview

Will Boris Becker soon be debt-free?

Boris Becker is a free man – and after his sensational interview on Sat. 1, he may soon be rid of his debt worries. The ex-tennis professional could soon put future income back into his own pocket.


Tennis legend Boris Becker could soon keep his income to himself again, according to German media.

Boris Becker (55) has been back in Germany for a little over ten days after being deported after being imprisoned in Great Britain. Also means: The tennis legend is free again. Shortly after his return, the Wimbledon winner gave the German television station Sat. 1 an interview, for which he received a fee of almost CHF 508,000, according to information from “Bild”. Becker will not be able to put much of this into his savings account, and a large part of the income should go to creditors. After that, the debt could finally be over, as the German newspaper writes.

According to specialist lawyer Hans Georg Fritsche (47), it is not clear exactly what percentage of the mega salary goes to Becker’s lender. Obviously, his wife Lily Becker (46) will also get a share, which is due to the maintenance costs for their son Amadeus (12).