Boris Becker: “Intimate Interviews”: New documentary shows poignant portrait

A new documentation should give deep insights into the life of Boris Becker (54). Oscar-winning filmmakers Alex Gibney and John Battsek have accompanied the three-time Wimbledon winner for the past three years leading up to his conviction for bankruptcy offences, Britain’s PA news agency reported on Tuesday.

Several “extremely intimate interviews” are also part of the documentary, which allows a look behind the scenes. The film will first be presented at a festival, but there were no details at first.

While he will still be seen in the documentary with platinum blonde hair, fellow inmates are now advising him to change his hair color. The video tells you why.

Boris Becker reveals intimate details: directors praise him for his openness

Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in London at the end of April and is currently being held in a prison in the British capital. He had concealed assets worth millions from his insolvency administrators.

“This film about Boris Becker tells an extraordinary story,” said director Gibney (68, “Taxi to Hell”). “It’s both a candid insider’s look at the world of professional tennis and a poignant portrait of the man himself.” It is therefore obvious that his family will also play a large part in the documentary.

Producer Battsek (58, “One Day in September”) praised Becker for his openness. The life of the exceptional athlete with its private and financial twists has become the stuff of gossip and untruths.