Boris Becker is on vacation on a luxury island

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Of: Sarah Wolzen


Hard times lie behind Boris Becker. Hardly released from prison, there was already stress with Cathy Hummels. Now the tennis star is relaxing on São Tomé and sending holiday greetings from the beach.

São Tomé – 2022 was an extremely turbulent year for Boris Becker (55). At least the new year seems to start much better for the former tennis pro. Because as he shows on Instagram, Boris Becker is now enjoying a relaxing beach holiday on a luxury island.

Boris Becker’s early release from prison leads to discussions

The Wimledon winner has had a tough few months. In January 2022, a court sentenced him to two and a half years in prison for tax evasion. However, after eight months in a London prison, Boris Becker was released early in December. In an emotional interview, the 55-year-old spoke to Sat.1 about the difficult time in prison, his fear of murder and rape, and his relationship with his current partner Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro. But many TV viewers did not take Becker’s tears and were convinced that he had only “pressed the tear duct”.

Boris Becker is on vacation on a luxury island
Hard times lie behind Boris Becker. Now the tennis star is relaxing on São Tomé and sending holiday greetings from the beach. © Instagram: borisbeckerofficial

Influencer and new podcaster Cathy Hummels has also made up her mind and explained that Boris Becker should have served his entire sentence, after all he had “ruined people.” He was not at all enthusiastic about that – meanwhile Boris Becker is said to have filed a criminal complaint against Hummels .

Boris Becker is on vacation on São Tomé and sends greetings from the beach

After all the stress, the father of four is now treating himself to a relaxing vacation on São Tomé. The volcanic island in the Gulf of Guinea belongs to the African state of São Tomé and Príncipe and impresses with its endless sandy beaches, coral reefs and rock formations rising from the jungle thicket. Boris Becker is now speaking from one of these beaches. In the background a deserted beach, palm trees and the wide sea.

He turns to his loved ones and all the people who would respect him and stand by him in the “hardest year” of his life. “Now it’s over and I think I came out stronger than before. I believe my mental health is better than ever, but I could never have made it without the help and support of so many people.” according to Boris Becker. At the end there is a big kiss in the camera and a “God bless!”

Not only Cathy Hummels spoke up after Boris Becker’s release from prison. As was to be expected, his self-proclaimed archenemy Oliver Pocher also dealt properly against the tennis legend. Sources used: