Boris Becker is said to have triggered the emergency call in prison several times

The former tennis star has been in a London prison for two weeks. The situation there is said to have affected Boris Becker so much that he repeatedly pressed the emergency button in his cell.

Even as a teenager he became a megastar, always lived in luxury and huge villas. But after his conviction for delaying insolvency at the end of April, Boris Becker experienced the exact opposite. He is one of around 1,500 prisoners in London’s Wandsworth Prison, which is known for its harshness.

The tennis star has a cell measuring just six and a half square meters, which he has to share with another prisoner. “There’s hardly any space, you’re basically sleeping with your head on the toilet bowl,” Chris Atkins told t-online about the local situation. The British author and filmmaker was convicted of tax fraud in 2016 and spent months in Wandsworth.

Boris Becker is said to suffer from claustrophobia

Exactly this narrowness should make Boris Becker extremely difficult. As reported by “Bild”, the ex-professional athlete stated that he suffered from claustrophobia and panicked in small, closed rooms. That’s why he asked to leave the cell door open at times.