Boris Becker reports Cathy Hummels and threatens further ads

Attorney confirms complaint
“It’s enough”: Boris Becker reports Cathy Hummels and threatens further ads

Boris Becker

Boris Becker does not want to be criticized by Cathy Hummels

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Although Boris Becker is on vacation recovering from his prison stay, he has already been able to gather new energy to go back to court. The tennis star reported to Cathy Hummels.

According to his lawyer, ex-tennis star Boris Becker reported influencer Cathy Hummels. “I filed a complaint for my client,” said attorney Samy Hammad of the German Press Agency. He accuses Hummels of public defamation. “Anyone who defames my client in public in the future must expect a harsh reaction from my client and from me,” Hammad said. “It is enough.”

The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported on the ad. The background is said to be statements by Hummels in a podcast about Becker and his prison sentence for delaying bankruptcy. According to Hammad, the complaint was filed with the Munich I public prosecutor’s office. There you could not confirm the receipt on Monday.

Boris Becker: Content of the ad is not yet available to Cathy Hummels

“Since my client does not know the content of the criminal complaint and the specific allegation, she cannot comment on the matter,” said Hummels’ lawyer Stefan Ventroni of the DPA. “Regardless of this, Ms. Hummels stands by the view expressed in her podcast “sHITSTORM” that when a court sentence is imposed – regardless of the crime – other standards should not be applied because of a “celebrity bonus”.

The “Bild” newspaper said Hummels: “I wish Boris Becker a nice year 2023.” She pointed out that she met Becker’s wife Lilly while on vacation in Dubai. “She sends him her regards as well.” Hummels posted a video of this encounter on Instagram a few days ago.