Boris Becker: That’s what happened to his Mallorca villa

Boris Becker (54) treated himself to a property on Mallorca in 1997: Away from the tourist hustle and bustle of Ballermann, with a pool, ten bedrooms and ten bathrooms, the then top athlete fulfilled an absolute dream of a second home on the Spanish island. But the 54-year-old also had to give up this dream and hand it over to a bank because of his insolvency proceedings in 2017. But what about the finca in the middle of nature today? After you could rent it and it was allegedly used as a backdrop for porn films, it is now part of the repertoire of celebrity real estate agent Marcel Remus (35). He offers the house including fields, tennis court and gardens for a proud price of 7.9 million euros.

Curious? You can see what Boris Becker’s former property in Mallorca looks like in the video above!

Boris and Lilly Becker are separated but not divorced yet: that’s the reason

Lilly Becker (45) was with the Wimbledon winner for 13 years, the relationship crowned the birth of their son Amadeus (12) a year after the wedding. In 2018, however, Lilly filed for divorce, because Boris Becker’s second marriage was apparently not supposed to last forever. Or is it?

Despite the separation four years ago, the two are still married. In an interview on British TV with presenter Piers Morgan (57), she even emphasizes this again: “I’m still his wife,” she clarifies, “we may be separated, but we are still married and are since we went our separate ways.” But why isn’t the divorce over yet? We did some research and found a sad, if unsurprising, answer.

In the video below we tell you more about why the two are still married.