Boruto manga chapter 70 premiere date, spoilers and more

Boruto manga chapter 69 has just been released, but fans are already eager to know all the details about the 70th installment.

As is already the style of the producers of the series, the episode will be released on May 19, since there is one release per month.

According to what could be seen in chapter 69 called “Prisoners”, one of the most important topics will be the relationship between Sarada and Boruto, after she hinted that she has feelings for the ninja. This love has been talked about for a long time and could intercede in history.

Taking into account the spoilers available so far, another love bond is latent: that of Code and Kawaki. The young woman made it clear that she is attracted to the character and in fact cooperated with Code to obtain information about him.

In addition, Code forced Amado to open his power controller and it will be necessary to see if the scientist obeys, although it seems that it is a difficult mission to achieve.

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