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British singer George Alan O’Dowd, better known in the music world as Boy George, assures that the pandemic and confinement for several weeks helped him “write a lot of music”, but now he needs to “get back in touch with the scenery”.

This was said in a recent interview with the Efe agency, on the occasion of the concert that he will offer in the Spanish city of Seville next September, and in which he reflects on how the artists suffered a situation that kept them cloistered.

“It was a very difficult time in terms of not working, but instead I wrote a lot of music, and for me it was creatively very rewarding, but now I need the opportunity to go and do those things on stage,” the artist confesses.

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At first it happened to him, “like many people”, a kind of rebellion against what was happening: “At first I denied what was happening, but then I realized that what was there and I gave up; now it’s really exciting to be able to come back and play like that artist who needs his audience”.

In this context, the former leader of the band Culture Club and one of the most international icons of the so-called “new romantics”, author of hits like “Karma Chameleon” or “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”, and albums like Kissing to Be Clever either Color by Numbersassures that looking back, when he started in the world of music, he did not really foresee a long career and only thought about having fun.

“I didn’t take it very seriously or think about my future, because you don’t usually do these things when you’re young,” he says, recalling how in the early 1980s his name was heard around the world, but now he says it is “incredible “see what he has achieved during all these years.

The style of Culture Club and Boy George was always very peculiar and different from the others, for this reason, when asked about the group or soloist with which he can most identify today, he is blunt: “I don’t identify with nobody, because I don’t think there is anybody like us”.

And he says this taking into account that “times are different” from when he started back in 1982 as head of Culture Club, although now is when “I’m probably enjoying being myself more, because before I was a more complex person.”

“Now it’s easier for me because I care less what other people think and I try to be the best version of myself,” says Boy George, who answers the question about what he would be if he weren’t a musician with several options, and alludes to fashion, public relations… “anything that has to do with being around people.”

Before saying goodbye, he sends a message to the people who will see him live, where he is going to see “one of the best versions” of himself with a show “beautiful, vibrant, exciting and full of love”.

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remains in force

Classified by many as pop and blue-eyed soul, Boy George’s music is influenced by rhythm and blues and reggae. The artist, who received an Ivor Novello Award from the British Academy of Composers, Songwriters and Composers for Outstanding Services to British Music, was also voted 46th in a BBC poll of the 100 Greatest Britons.

In March 2020, he released two new songs titled “Clouds” and “Isolation”, as previews of his album. Gemini Don’t Read The Manualthe release of which has been postponed several times.

In 2021, the musician was invited by Paul Weller to a concert at the BBC’s Barbican, to cover The Style Council’s “You’re the Best Thing”. That same year, Boy George became a judge on the Irish talent show The Big Deal.

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