Brad Pitt reveals that he suffers from prosopagnosia, a disorder that makes it difficult for him to recognize the faces of people he knows | People | Entertainment

american actor Brad Pitt claims to have a medical disorder that makes it hard for you to recognize people’s faces with which you are familiar and that makes them consider him distant, as he reveals in an interview with the magazine GQ released this Thursday.

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The interpreter of cult films like Fight club58, stars on the August cover of the men’s publication and in its pages briefly refers to this pathology, called prosopagnosia and that he has never been officially diagnosed.

“Nobody believes me!”, tells his interviewer about this neurological condition, which can be genetic or acquired due to a stroke or head injury, adding: “I would like to meet someone else (who has prosopagnosia).

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According to local media, Pitt acknowledged that he could have prosopagnosia in an interview with Esquire in 2013, in which he maintained that sometimes his acquaintances get angry and believe that he is disrespecting them when he does not remember who they are, and admitted that he prefers to stay home for this reason.

In the GQ piece, the actor talks about a multitude of topics, especially related to art, since he is focused on his work as a producer, and health, including what he considers the search for his “authentic self” or his estrangement of alcohol, which he has maintained for almost six years. (YO)