Brad Pitt suffers from prosopagnosia or facial blindness: he told how the disease affects his life and relationships | Famous

The actor of the movie ‘Spy Game’ (which you can watch for free on ViX)) has been pointed out as cocky, selfish, inaccessible and even disrespectful for his way of dealing with social events, but it’s not really because he is indeed a man with these characteristics, but a neurological disorder prevents it from flowing smoothly in social interactions. We explain to you.

What is prosopagnosia, the rare disease that Brad Pitt suffers from?

Throughout his acting career of more than 30 years, the Hollywood star has met a large number of people. He greets them, chats with them and creates meaningful conversations that remain in her memory. However, her faces don’t leave a record in her mind, so the next time she sees them again she doesn’t really remember who she is.

This difficulty in recognizing their faces has nothing to do with being distracted, selfish or disrespectful, but rather with a condition known as prosopagnosiaalso called face blindness.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) explains that this neurological disorder It is characterized by the inability to recognize faces. In most cases, people who suffer from it do not remember familiar faces and in the most severe cases they do not even recognize their own face.

In a recent interview for GQ, Pitt revealed that at the moment he has not been officially diagnosed with this disorder, but he is sure that he suffers from it. “No one believes me,” he commented.

Not having an official diagnosis also makes it difficult to know what caused the actor to develop prosopagnosia, which can be caused by abnormalities in the part of the brain that controls facial perception and memory, a stroke, a neurodegenerative disease, or even it may be congenital (meaning it is present from birth).

Regardless of the fact that Brad does not know how face blindness is now a part of his life, the actor lives it every day: he suffers and is ashamed of not remembering people.

Brad Pitt told what effects prosopagnosia had on his life

In an interview for ‘Esquire’ in 2013, the actor delved into how facial blindness has affected his social relationships.

“A lot of people hate me because they think I’m disrespecting them.”

For a year, Brad decided to open up to every person he saw again, asking them to remind him of where they met. Unfortunately, this technique to publicize his facial blindness was not generally well received.

“I took a year where I just said, ‘This year, I’m just going to front up and tell people, ‘Okay, where did we meet?’ But it only got worse. People were more offended… But it’s a mystery to me, man. I can’t catch a face.”

This condition has caused Brad Pitt not to feel as comfortable in social settings: “That’s why I stay home,” he said. This seclusion from social interactions is really not something atypical in patients with prosopagnosia.

According to the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, it is common for people with this condition to avoid social interaction and even develop a social anxiety disorder, that is, an overwhelming fear of social situations.

Although prosopagnosia has had an impact on his life, the ‘Once upon a time in… Hollywood’ actor has not been far from the spotlight. Although he recently announced that he is already in the last stage of his artistic career, but that does not mean that his withdrawal will be soon.