Brazen! That’s what she asks of her fans

Laura Müller, 21, has repeatedly drawn attention to herself in the past few weeks with her OnlyFans posts. So also now, but the reason is again unpleasant for their remaining fans.

  • Laura Müller and Michael Wendler have so far posted everyday shots on OnlyFans instead of erotic pictures
  • Her followers pay around 30 euros a month for this, although they had actually expected other recordings
  • After Laura shared her first nude picture, she now demands a big tip for the next spicy photo

Laura Müller: She makes demands on her paying fans

Laura Müller knows how to keep the conversation going: After the influencer career of the 21-year-old suffered a lot from her husband Michael Wendler’s conspiracy theories, she announced in November that she would be active on the OnlyFans erotic platform from now on. For slack 31 euros a month fans can subscribe to “The Wendlers”, as the couple calls themselves there. But the followers initially hoped for hot shots, they quickly became disappointed. Instead of nude photos, as you know them from Laura’s edition of “Playboy”, swanky videos of the luxury advent calendar or the newly purchased property were published there. The result: More and more fans threatened to cancel their subscription after the rip-off scam, after all they were “hot news” promised. laura drew consequences and actually shared her first nude picture. But if you thought that the next erotic photos would follow, you were wrong. In order to be able to continue to see spicy pictures, Laura provides one Advancement, which has it all.

Laura Müller: She wants $1,000 from her fans

Because the next sexy photo will only be available as soon as enough tip has come together. On the platform, followers have the opportunity to reward photos or videos that they particularly like with a tip of their choice. The option is actually voluntary, but Laura obviously has the tip function sensed the next business strategy: There is always another erotic photo as soon as one of her stated tip goals has been reached. And this sum is increasing from contribution to contribution.

For the first photo, she had initially asked for 300 dollars, the equivalent of around 260 euros. When these were achieved, the goal was set higher, for the next photo the fans should shell out 600 dollars, which corresponds to about 530 euros. And now this: The next photo only continues when Laura’s followers say and write $1,000, i.e. almost 900 euros, pay!

And that despite the fact that they already pay a monthly fee of 31 euros just to be able to see those recordings. Very beautiful bold! The paying followers seem to think so too, because although the photo has been online for a day, Laura has not been able to earn a single cent so far. Will she be able to keep her fans with these juicy prices for a long time?

Source used: celebrity flash