Breakfast television: fans worried – the moderator is missing from the live show

They are the good mood factory in the early morning: the moderators of the Sat.1 “breakfast television”. In our news blog you can get all the information about Marlene Lufen, Alina Merkau, Daniel Boschmann and Co.

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Killing still sick

He’s still not back. After his failure on Thursday, Matze Killing also has to pass on Friday. Benjamin Bieneck replaced him again.

Matthias Killing is canceled – Sat.1 has to reschedule

Bad news for Thursday morning “Breakfast TV” fans. Moderator Matthias Killing is canceled at short notice. But Sat.1 quickly provided a replacement. Instead of Matze, Alina Merkau jumped to Benjamin Bieneck’s side in the early morning.

The fans celebrate the presenter’s debut of the “Breakfast TV” reporter. “How cool! Why did this take so long? You are such an asset to this great show! From now on, regularly,” demands a fan on Instagram, for example. And another adds: “Can you please bring Benji to the moderation team as a permanent fixture – I think he’s great.”

“Breakfast TV” star Vanessa Blumhagen gives her opinion on the World Cup

She is a woman of clear words: “Breakfast TV” star Vanessa Blumhagen. This applies to the world of celebrities, but Vanessa Blumhagen does not remain silent when it comes to football either. The Sat.1 presenter says about the soccer World Cup in Qatar, which has just started: “Soccer World Cup – watch or not? What do you say? I’ve read a lot and watched documentaries in the last few weeks. My opinion based on all the facts: When the World Cup was awarded twelve years ago, countries like Germany, France, England, Portugal, Spain… the big soccer nations should have said: We’re not taking part in this World Cup. Point.”

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