Breakfast television: Matthias Killing – new job inspires fans

“Breakfast TV”: New job for Matthias Killing, fans freak out – “Simply wonderful”

4/23/2022 at 8:57 p.m

Sat.1 breakfast television: These are the moderators

Sat.1 breakfast television: These are the moderators

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Matthias Killing is a real veteran of Sat.1-“breakfast tv“. As a moderator, he regularly leads through the morning show. Suddenly, however, it looks as if Matthias Killing is going to give up his old job and change jobs.

On Friday morning (April 22) he is out and about in a pilot’s uniform. But don’t worry, his professional realignment is short-lived and his “breakfast tvteam also involved.

“Breakfast TV”: The team of moderators is completely different in the Sat.1 show

“Welcome aboard Killing Airways,” announces Alina Merkau. The presenter and Sat.1 colleague Lukas Haunerland, who has just returned from her baby break, had fun and dressed up as a flight crew together with Matthias Killing.

While Matthias Killing takes on the role of the pilot, Merkau and Haunerland cut a fine figure in the TV studio as stewardess and steward.

“Breakfast TV”: Alina Merkau remains steadfast in THIS thing

Before the three of them take to the skies via the flight simulator, Matthias Killing has an urgent request to his colleague: “Can you make dad some tomato juice before we take off?”

none. Stewardess Alina Merkau remains steadfast: “We’ll have tomato juice as soon as we’ve reached flight altitude.” Then Matthias Killing can show whether he has what it takes to be a pilot.

THIS is how the “Breakfast TV” fans react to Matthias Killing and Co.

Viewers are enthralled with Pilot Killing and his crew, as the comments on Instagram show.

  • “You are so horny! And Killing Airways is great.”
  • “I think I have to switch airlines and apply to you guys!”
  • “When does Killing Airways’ first flight leave?” Would be present”
  • “You are simply the coolest”
  • “Just lovely”

And also “Frühstücksfernsehen” colleague Marlene Lufen is over the moon and comments: “That’s so wonderfully stupid!” It must have been precisely these moments that Alina Merkau probably missed the most during her absence.


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