Breakfast television Sat.1: Nipple speed cameras at Vanessa Blumhagen

Breakfast TV: Nipple speed cameras at Vanessa Blumhagen

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05/15/2022 at 10:13 p.m

Sat.1 breakfast television: These are the moderators

Sat.1 breakfast television: These are the moderators

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breakfast tv“-Moderator Vanessa Blumhagen actually just wanted to report on the latest celebrity info on the morning show’s Instagram account.

But you just can’t take your eyes off her top. Can you see her nipples there? “breakfast tv‘ fans are ecstatic – they can’t believe what they’re seeing!

“Breakfast TV”: nipple alarm at Vanessa Blumhagen

Vanessa Blumhagen is in a very hot black outfit in front of the Sat1 studios and grins happily at the camera. She’s wearing black, slightly tighter leather trousers. In addition a black, long and above all transparent top and silver high heels.

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Three facts about the Sat.1-“breakfast tv“:

  • The show has been broadcast on Sat.1 since 1987. At that time the show was still called “Guten Morgen mit Sat.1” and was renamed “Frühstücksfernsehen” in 1999
  • From 1987 to 1991 the show was produced in Hamburg. Then the Sat.1 “breakfast television” moved to Berlin
  • The show has a fixed moderation team with two moderators who change weekly and present live

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The article is actually intended to draw attention to the fact that Germany may only have a one percent chance of winning at the ESC 2022 next Saturday (May 14). But the fans don’t really seem to care. Because they can only stare at their breasts.

THIS is how the fans of the “Breakfast TV” star react to the transparent top

Does the Sat1 star not wear a bra? The 44-year-old’s nipples can easily be seen under her top. Which, by the way, isn’t bad at all. But Vanessa fans just can’t look away and freak out completely:

  • “Today’s outfit! Transparent body shirt… When you look at this, dear Vanessa, you honestly get a gasp.”
  • “Wow, you can see through this top. But if you can wear it, you should.”
  • “Tasty tasty”
  • “You’re so sexy”
  • “Great woman, great sight”
  • “Transparent!”

The presenter can definitely wear the outfit. She definitely seems fine. Because in the Instagram story of the “Breakfast TV” account, she speaks very confidently and with a smile on the camera.

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More about Sat.1 “Breakfast TV”:

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