“Breakfast TV”: New presenter – the viewers’ judgment is clear

Every day, thousands of viewers start the day with the popular “Breakfast TV” presenters. Over the years, a regular line-up has been established to which the fans have become accustomed. Marlene Lufen, Karen Heinrichs and Matthias Killing are the seniors.

It’s clear that new “breakfast television” moderators have a hard time there. You have to prove yourself to the fans first. The question: Can they inspire Sat.1 viewers with their style or will they fail miserably? A new face had to find that out with his depth of fire.

“Breakfast TV” debut by Christoph Karrasch

The new member of the group of moderators is Christoph Karrasch. Admittedly, the 39-year-old is not entirely new to the Sat.1 audience. For some time now, he has been the official travel expert on Breakfast TV. But now he is changing jobs and celebrating his debut alongside moderator Chris Wackert.

On Instagram, the broadcaster announces the good news with a picture of Christoph Karrasch and writes: “What a nice start! It was a great pleasure for us to see you so happy and radiant here and we are already looking forward to the double Chris(toph) team tomorrow morning from 5:30 a.m.!”

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“Breakfast TV” viewers with a clear opinion

But how does the “new” come down to the viewers? After all, TV audiences can be tough here and there. If you look at the comments on social media, it quickly becomes clear: the fans are satisfied with the 32-year-old:

  • “What a joy early in the morning. I thought it was great and I hope that it will be used more often.”
  • “It was a great first show and extremely personable. I look forward to further episodes. Good luck Christopher!”
  • “Hopefully you’ll see him moderating more often now, he’s really in a good mood.”
  • “That’s a stroke of luck for breakfast television!”
  • “Great start! Super likeable and skilfully moderated. Definitely an asset to breakfast TV.”

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