“Breakfast TV” star Alina Merkau: concern for daughter Rosa

“Breakfast TV” star Alina Merkau: Concern for daughter Rosa – “She’s sad”

05/05/2022 at 08:00

Sat.1 breakfast television: These are the moderators

Sat.1 breakfast television: These are the moderators

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Finally Alina Merkau is back in “breakfast tv“! The 36-year-old has been appearing again on the Sat.1 live show in the morning since mid-April. But that’s by no means her only job.

In the network reports the “breakfast tv‘ host honestly about what’s worrying her behind the scenes.

“Breakfast TV” star Alina Merkau admits: “Rosa has to back off sometimes”

Away from the “breakfast television” cameras, Alina Merkau has her hands full with her baby Carlo. The boy was born in August and needs his mother’s full attention. Much to his sister Rosa’s chagrin.

Because she obviously feels pretty neglected since her little brother was born. “Of course, a lot has changed here in living together and Rosa sometimes has to back down,” says Alina Merkau in her Instagram story.

Even though things have gotten a lot more difficult since Carlos was born, Alina Merkau is still trying to spend enough quality time with her six-year-old daughter. Before she takes the little one to daycare, the two take about an hour to enjoy some girl time over a breakfast croissant in the café around the corner.

Six-year-old “Breakfast TV” presenter pours out her heart

Breakfast dates, as Alina Merkau calls it, are often just about how things are going in daycare, but this time Rosa seems to have poured her heart out to her mom.

“I’ve had the feeling for the past few days that she’s been busy because she was a little more needy and came over to us at night. So I asked her and it came out that she was a little sad that Carlo was sleeping with us and she wasn’t,” reveals the Sat.1 presenter.

Of course, this did not leave the mother of two children indifferent and promptly developed a deal with Rosa: From then on there is a fixed “mum/dad/sleep day” in the Merkau house. How sweet!


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