Breakfast TV star Vanessa Blumhagen half-naked by the pool

“Breakfast TV” star Vanessa Blumhagen is topless by the pool

07/01/2022 at 10:22 p.m

Sat.1 breakfast television: These are the moderators

Sat.1 breakfast television: These are the moderators

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That it Vanessa Blumhagen likes to be a little more revealing is now known. But SO freely we have them Sat 1-“breakfast tv“-VIP Expert rarely seen.

Dressed only in a white bikini bottom, lies Vanessa Blumhagen next to a pool. The 44 year old “breakfast tv” presenter is on holiday in Sicily and seems to be enjoying it more than anything.

“Breakfast TV” VIP expert Vanessa Blumhagen is topless

In any case, the fans are enthusiastic about the topless picture. “Hammer sexy, what a feast for the eyes,” writes a follower of the “Breakfast TV” presenter, for example. Another added: “Breathtaking”. And a third praises: “Throw the cell phone up so skilfully for such a pic. respect for that.”

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You should know about the “breakfast tv” to know:

  • The Sat.1 morning magazine has had current world events, trends and everyday tips in its program since 1987
  • The team of moderators consists of Marlene Lufen, Karen Heinrichs, Matthias Killing, Alina Merkau, Christian Wackert and Daniel Boschmann
  • The program will be broadcast live from Berlin Monday to Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m

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But Vanessa Blumhagen doesn’t just use her vacation for sexy pool photos. Most recently, the presenter also hiked up the highest, still active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. It must have been an indescribable feeling to stand on the lava mountain. Blumhagen, beaming with joy, jumps over the black rocks of the volcano. It goes without saying that the fans are rejoicing.

“I have never had such nice weather on Mount Etna. Most of the time it was so cloudy at the top that you couldn’t see down. But it can be so beautiful,” writes a follower, for example. And another adds: “Just fantastic, Vanessa. Enjoy the vacation time.”

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Recently there was frustration among the “Breakfast TV” viewers. What happened?

Vanessa Blumhagen recently surprised her husband with her outfit (More about Vanessa Blumhagen here!).