‘Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul announces the birth of his son

At Jimmy Fallon, “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul proudly announced the birth of his son and revealed the godfather of his son Rydin.

the essentials in brief

  • Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren have become parents for the second time.
  • The newborn son of the two is called Rydin.
  • According to Aaron Paul, the child’s dream godfather is his series co-star Bryan Cranston.

Baby news from “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul (42): The actor and his wife Lauren (35) have become parents for the second time. The actor proudly announced this during an appearance on “The Tonight Show” by US star Jimmy Fallon (47): “Yes, a little boy. His name is Rydin and I love him.”

At the same time, Paul gave a little insight into his everyday family life with two children. Due to the sleep deprivation, he is “exhausted” and uses his flights to get some sleep. His four-year-old daughter Story is also “madly in love” with her little brother.

Paul had a specific wish who should take over the role of Rydin’s godfather: his friend and series co-star Bryan Cranston (66).

The actor has already seen the baby, says Paul: “I then asked Bryan on his birthday if he would like to be the godfather of our baby. He said no. He’s a busy man.” But he doesn’t blame his friend for the cancellation: “He’s one of my best friends in this world.”

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