Breaking up with Justin Morissette: An apprenticeship for Émilie Bierre

We learned last spring the breakup of the couple formed by Émilie Bierre and Justin Morissette for almost three years. Announced in May 2022, the separation had occurred a few months before.

The 18-year-old actress confided to Showbizz.netshortly before the holidays, not having a new lover for the moment.

Regarding the end of her story with Justin, was Émilie Bierre shaken to have to go through this very personal stage in the public eye? The young woman answered us thoughtfully.

It’s a special environment, let’s put it that way she began, with a knowing smile.

It’s very weird growing up and not knowing what belongs to me or not, what we share or not! Even on social networks, I find it difficult to manage. Anyone has access to anything! »

Now what’s personal, I’m really gonna keep it to myself “, added Emilie. ” But I don’t want to restrict myself either; when you want to share something, you can do it. But it’s special to grow up and see elements of your personal life shared so visibly. There is no good formula for this, you just have to learn to manage it and be careful. And, when you are well surrounded, it is managed well.»

Emilie describes this slice of life as ” learning “. ” And I’m fine! “, she assured.

Justin Morissette also came back with us on the media coverage of his breakup with Émilie, a few months ago. Read his point of view here.

Émilie Bierre is participating this month in a very important event for her, along with Martin Matte, Fabien Cloutier, Pierre Brassard, Patrice Robitaille and many others. Learn more here.