‘Bridgerton’ actress offered shocking revelation about her character and Anthony’s

fans of ‘bridgerton’ They are increasingly looking forward to what is coming for the third season, since there are more and more news or advances that are moving more than one, because they anticipate that they will not only be Penelope and Colin the main figures, but also characters like Kate and Anthony will be given continuity.

And it is that this couple despite the fact that now in the new installment they will play a secondary role, it is expected that their intimacy will be shown more in the same way and apparently they will surprise everyone with the arrival of a new member, that is, a son who will be born as a result of their love that made more than one sigh in the second installment.

For this reason, the actress Simone Ashley did not hesitate to offer some forceful statements that moved the faithful fans of this plot that is based on julia quinn books and that this time they broke the continuity of their chapters to generate more impact due to the “boom” created by their characters.

“I am excited to see Kate become a Viscountess and head of the family. I think she has a lot to learn from Anthony. They will be two small partners. Bottom line, I’d love for them to have a baby. Maybe that will happen, maybe not.” Those were Ashley’s words to the media and that’s how the Spoiler portal reviewed it. But in addition, she added that she is happy to announce that this large family will be further enlarged.

Simone Ashley cheered up the fans of ‘Bridgerton’

In this way the fans of ‘bridgerton’ not only were they moved, but they also did not hesitate to draw more conclusions about what was about to happen in this family that would also have to face the new romance between little Penelope and very restless Colin who apparently is more aware of formalizing his life through this girl who has always given him her support.

But the most faithful fans of these novels did not hesitate to debate on social networks that in the writings of the famous author it is reflected how this couple has up to four children, so it is not surprising that this statement has a lot of reality, only this time there will be a modification by only stating that they will have a single offspring. However, this is something that has more than excited his fans.