Bridgerton Stars Show Off Netflix Set: Detail Freaks Fans Out

“Bridgerton”: Netflix stars give a look behind the scenes – tiny detail makes fans completely freak out

03/17/2022 at 10:54 p.m

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The fans are already shuffling their feet: on March 25th the time has finally come! Then the second season of the Netflix hit “Bridgerton“.

But before we find out how things will continue with Anthony, Daphne and Co., the “Bridgertonstars a rare behind-the-scenes look at Netflix production. What the fans get to see triggers a storm of euphoria.

“Bridgerton” cast leads through pompous Netflix scenes: “Probably worth 1,125 euros”

In addition to a trailer for the upcoming “BridgertonSeason 2 also includes a behind-the-scenes tour starring actresses Nicola Coughlan and Claudia Jessie on Netflix’s YouTube channel. Together, the “Penelope” and “Eloise” actresses lead the fans through the iconic scenes and reveal how tricks are used on the set.

Who would have thought, for example, that the light in Simon’s friend Will Mondrich’s club wasn’t really that dark, but was only subsequently darkened? “Without the lighting in the show, the Gentleman’s Club could have passed as a salon. It’s so cool,” marveled one viewer.

The pompous decorations on the walls are also made of real gold. As they stand by a gilded doorframe, Nicola claims, “It’s probably worth a good £950.”

The delicious cakes in “Gunter’s Tea Shop”, on the other hand, are anything but real and are only made of polystyrene, as Nicola explains. Even Claudia is amazed.

“Bridgerton” fans are delighted: “We need more of these two immediately!”

But it’s not the elaborately designed backdrops that make the “Bridgerton” fans squeal with joy, but Nicola and Claudia themselves. While they are in the tea shop, the sun shines so strongly into the set that Nicola is blinded by the light . Claudia reacts immediately and stands in front of her colleague in such a way that she blocks the sun’s rays.

A cute gesture that shows a lot of attention, as many fans of the series find. In the comments below the YouTube video, they go into raptures:

  • “Claudia leans in and keeps the sun out of Nicola’s eyes without even thinking about it – that’s the kind of friend we all need.”
  • “I love how Claudia moves her hand to shield Nicola’s face from the sunlight.”
  • “They are both adorable! I love how Claudia keeps the sun off Nicola’s face. We need more tours from these two immediately!”

An idea that the actresses themselves would also join. “Come back,” Nicola Coughlan says goodbye to the fans in a polite “Bridgerton” manner.


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