Brigitte Bardot supports a presidential candidate “forgotten by the media”

Brigitte Bardot has been dedicated heart and soul to the animal cause for decades. So when the program of a presidential candidate seems good to him for our animal friends, the star of And God created the woman don’t hesitate to support him.

The era when Brigitte Bardot was the queen of the big screen is well and truly over. But it does not prevent the former muse of Jean-Luc Godard still believes it has things to say and there are plenty of reasons for revolt. Last week, the former sex symbol ignited, for example, to defend the Ukrainian people in a press release on Twitter. “I feel sickhurts all my hearts seeing day after day the planned annihilation of a Nation and its population without any country in the world bringing them the urgent aid, the help they are bravely waiting for” she began, before knocking out the attitude of Emmanuel Macron and other European leaders, gathered at the Palace of Versailles for a summit on the situation in Ukraine.It’s indecent and I’m ashamed!she cried outraged.

Valuable support for the candidate who is down in the polls

But the situation of the Ukrainian population is not the only reason for concern for the star of the Contempt. For decades, Brigitte Bardot defends the animal cause with her foundation and does not intend to see this fight pass into the background. Especially at the time of the presidential election. And the former actress who had called to vote Marine Le Pen in 2017 has apparently decided to change tack. Unsurprisingly, the president running for his own estate will clearly not be his herald. In 2017, Brigitte Bardot called for to block Emmanuel Macronarguing that he was carrying a project “ deadly ” for animals. ” If Macron passes, the animals pass away “, she had attacked at the time.

Today is a very small candidate who seems to find the way to his heart as she revealed on Twitter this Sunday, March 20. “Nicolas Dupont-Aignan deserves more speaking time on television because his political program for France is very good. He is also a great defender of animals. It is unfair that he is so forgotten by the media”, she was indignant. While the candidate who joined the candidacy of Marine Le Pen in 2017 familiar with the abyss of voting intentions, will the support of Brigitte Bardot be such as to carry it? Suspense…