Brigitte Macron, mocked for her dance steps … and compared to Patrick Juvet

Brigitte Macron was filmed dancing with her President husband, during the Music Festival at the Elysée. But the first lady was severely criticized for her dance moves and her physique…

Brigitte Macron is constantly under fire sexist and inappropriate criticism. His appearance at the Music Festival organized at the Elysee, like every year, was no exception to the rule. That evening, the Macron had invited the former Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, alongside the artists Charlie Winston, Youssou N’Dour or even the Ukrainian DJ Xenia. While the first lady was caught on camera dance next to Emmanuel Macronin the courtyard of the presidential residence, on June 21, Internet users did not hesitate to compare it to… Patrick Juvet. “What is it there old clone of Patrick Juvet stiff as a post“, reads among the comments of the publication of the video.

She looks like Patrick Juvet. In five years she will look like Violetta“, or “Can we imagine Madame De Gaulle moving her ass in public? Certainly not. Behave“, we also read among the hate messages. Fortunately, some came to the defense of the wife of the President of the Republic, aged 69. “In fact, you winnow Brigitte Macron but I find that she looks pretty especially for her age she is doing well“, in particular commented a user.

Brigitte Macron, compared to a “dragon”: her elegant response

In 2019, the first lady had already been severely tackled by one of the representatives of Brazilian tourism, Renzo Gracieat the time when Emmanuel Macron reproached the President Jair Bolsonaro its inaction in the face of the fires in the Amazon rainforest. “His wife, is she beautiful or ugly? Would you sleep with her? If you criticize our country, prepare to receive a ton of insults and the same for your loved ones. The fact that he sleep with a dragon does not make him a fire specialist. She’s ugly, man“, he had railed in an interview with the media UOL.

A sinister comment to which Brigitte Macron had repliedat the time, elegantly thanking the Brazilians who had defended her: “I just wanted to say two words to Brazilian men and women, two words in Portuguese, it’s not going to be terrible but I’m going to say it anyway and I hope they hear it: ‘muito obrigada’, it is a very very big thank you for all those who have committed“.