Brigitte Macron: Première Dame since 2017: This is how her life has changed

The love story of Emmanuel (43) and Brigitte Macron (68) fascinates. They met when the future president was still an underage student and she was his teacher at the time. She is 24 years older – and even left her first husband and their three children for her great love. A step that the 68-year-old must have thought carefully about at the time. Nevertheless: not an easy decision.

And no matter how many scenarios went through the head of today’s “Première dame” almost 26 years ago, she certainly could not have imagined the life she leads today. Finally, her husband Emmanuel Macron, to whom she has been married for almost 15 years, has become the President of France. The life of the former teacher was suddenly turned completely upside down.

From mother of three to “First Lady” of France: In the video above you can see how life has changed for Brigitte Macron in recent years!

Brigitte Macron: She always has her husband Emmanuel Macron’s back

Today’s run-off elections will decide whether Macron will actually remain President of France or whether their lives will change completely again. Here the 43-year-old competes against Marine Le Pen (53) from the right-wing extremist Rassemblement National. Hopes are high for the current president, because a change of power would not be a new beginning for the Macrons, but also a political disaster for France and Europe. Whatever the result, the Macrons’ love will survive.