Brigitte Macron: this kiss to Nicolas Sarkozy who did not go unnoticed

This Saturday, May 7, the investiture of Emmanuel Macron was held at the Élysée Palace. After delivering a speech, the re-elected president and his wife greeted the many people present. A kiss between Brigitte Macron and Nicolas Sarkozy did not go unnoticed.

A embrace which could make people talk. At the time of the investiture ceremony by Emmanuel Macronthis Saturday, May 7, at the Élysée Palace, Brigitte Macron took the liberty of addressing a kiss to Nicolas Sarkozy, during the traditional greetings of the presidential couple following the speech delivered by the Head of State. A amazing gesture since, for almost all the other people she greeted, the first lady stuck to a simple handshake. Something to appeal to viewers and journalists who have seen this sequence on television.

The only hug I could see was the one shared by Brigitte Macron and Nicolas Sarkozythe rest are just handshakes”noted the journalist Nathalie Saint-Cricq on France 2. Sitting opposite her on the set, Valerie Trierweiler also ruled at this wind. “Ten years ago, I had been blamed a lot to greet people, to have shaken hands. I was told that it was not done in the protocol and that I should have stayed behind. And there, I see Brigitte Macron shaking hands and kissing, so maybe I opened a waysaid the former companion of François Hollande.

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“These two have a connection”

“These two have a connection”for his part indicated the presenter Gilles Bouleaulive on the TF1 set. “A personal and political bond”, then chased one of his guests. “Brigitte Macron has never hidden from having voted Nicolas Sarkozy for the past, and from being herself, in a personal capacity, rather from a tradition of the right more than a socialist”he said, before assuring that the two were even “regularly in touch”. very accomplices, Brigitte Macron and Nicolas Sarkozy have in common, in addition to certain values, little quirks. It is during a discreet dinnerin July 2017, that they have sealed their friendship. Since then, the two personalities get along wonderfully and see each other frequently with their respective husbands.

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Photo credits: Capture France 2