Brigitte Macron: why Emmanuel Macron did not choose his favorite for Matignon

Emmanuel Macron wanted a woman in Matignon. Before Elisabeth Borne won the post, several female politicians were coveted. Some said they refused, but Catherine Vautrin, heart choice for Brigitte Macron, was genuinely interested.

According to information from The gallery, revealed Monday, June 13, the Head of State would have set his sights on the former treasurer of the UMP during the weekend of May 7. So that on Monday, May 9, he affirms in front of an audience of journalists to have decided on a name. Behind the scenes, Nicolas Sarkozy approves of this choice and Brigitte Macron strongly defends the candidacy of the president of the urban community of Reims. In the press, alone Le Figaro mentions her name, the other media betting on a “leftist woman” and not seeing the strategy behind the election of a “right-wing woman”. The place is almost assured. It was without counting the appearance of Alexis Kohlersecretary general of the Élysée.

The President’s right-hand man derailed the project, a source confesses to The gallery : “This was Sarkozy’s plan: to form an alliance with LR for the second round of legislative elections. In this way, we killed all the chances of the old right-wing party to survive termwe put on a kind of Castex with a flowered dress, we reassured the provincial electorate and that allowed to accommodate the rescue channels of LR within the macronie.” She adds : “At the same time, Macron killed Philippe, Wauquiez and Bertrand all at once. The same enemies as Sarkozy ! But this plan was blown up by Kohler!” Revelations confirmed with amusement by a faithful of the Secretary General: “We did whatever it took to make sure it wasn’t her.” “AK47 found itself opposed to the ‘Madame wing’ of the Elysee“, analyzes another regular of the palace. Understand Alexis Kohler, in opposition to the wish of Brigitte Macron.

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An eviction in four steps

From Friday May 13, several sources confirm that Catherine Vautrin will be the replacement for Jean Castex. Saturday May 14, BFM TV reveals that “the Vautrin hypothesis” creates swirls within macronie. Richard Ferrand and François Bayrou would have sling seals conducted by Alexis Kohler, specifies The gallery. In the process, the positions of the Prime Minister in the making, opposed to marriage for allemerge suddenly.

Sunday May 15, Emmanuel Macron capitulates, to the great displeasure of Brigitte Macron who will never welcome her favorite at the Élysée. The next day, Monday May 16, Alexis Kohler calls Élisabeth Borne cheerfully to announce her appointment. “She was surprised because she thought it was bent“, says a macronist.

Photo credits: Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage