British presenter announces his own death

On stage at an awards ceremony, James Whale made a shocking revelation: The presenter is terminally ill and doesn’t have long to live.

He is one of Britain’s most famous radio presenters. James Whale has been conducting his own talk shows since the 1980s, which were sometimes even broadcast on TV due to their great success. The 71-year-old is celebrated and hated for his direct and blunt manner, which also got him a part in the British edition of “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2016.

Now James Whale was unusually emotional and provided a heartwarming moment on stage at the British Curry Awards. “I know a lot of you don’t like me, but I won’t be here by this time next year,” the moderator revealed in his speech, explaining, “I have terminal cancer.”

“I had a great life”

He is currently undergoing chemotherapy, but there are no longer any chances of recovery. His death is imminent, James Whale announced. Nevertheless, he did not want to quarrel with his fate. “Don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m 71 and I’ve had a great life,” he emphasized, appealing to the audience: “I just want to tell you: Don’t waste your time with stupid things that aren’t important.”

James Whale arrived at the British Curry Awards with his wife Nadine Talbot-Brown.
James Whale arrived at the British Curry Awards with his wife Nadine Talbot-Brown. (Source: IMAGO / cover images)

The talk show star had already fought the disease more than 20 years ago. At that time he had been diagnosed with kidney cancer, which he was able to defeat. In 2019, the cancer returned, spreading to his spine, brain and lungs.

Just a year earlier, his wife Melinda, who had been married to him for almost 50 years and has two sons, died of lung cancer. James Whale found a new love in Nadine Talbot-Brown. The two said yes last October.