British Royals | Prince Charles: does he really have what it takes to be king?

Prince Charles took over the speech at the opening of Parliament for the first time on Tuesday. He represented his mother, the queen. Opinions differ as to whether the 73-year-old is willing to take on all of her duties.

Did he prove with this performance that he is ready to take the reins? Prince Charles took on an important role on Tuesday. Instead of Queen Elizabeth II, the heir to the throne appeared in the British House of Lords and gave the Queen’s Speech.

Confident and confident, he completed the traditional ceremony and shone in his official wardrobe. He has thus proven his potential to take on the duties of the British head of kings. The only question is whether he is ready to take over his mother’s position completely. Over the years there have been voices against Charles as the new king – and instead for his son Prince William – have spoken.

Does the Queen think her son is suitable?

In the latest tell-all book about the British royals, “The Palace Papers”, the author Tina Brown claims to have learned from palace insiders that both the Queen and her late husband Prince Philip have or had doubts about Charles’ competences. The 96-year-old is said to have described her son as “too needy, too vulnerable, too emotional, too complicated and too self-centered”.