Britney Spears asks for her privacy to be respected

Britney Spears reacted publicly after repeated calls from fans, asking the police to check her physical and moral condition. Methods deemed intimidating by the singer.

A request deemed intrusive. Britney Spears decided to speak after confirmation by the sheriff of Ventura County, near Los Angeles, of her visit to the home of the star. A visit that followed requests from fans, worried after yet another deletion of the singer’s Instagram account.

In a message posted on Twitter, spotted by Variety, the interpreter of Toxic asks that his privacy be respected. “I love and adore my fans, but this time things went a bit too far and my privacy was invaded,” the artist notes, adding that the police did come to his home. , without entering, before leaving immediately after having found no problem.

A toxic media relay according to her

Giving details of what she felt, Britney Spears explained that he suffered from the media coverage of this affair. “I felt like I was being bullied once the incident made headlines and the media again portrayed it in a poor and unfair light,” the 41 singer points out. years old, released from her guardianship in November 2021.

As she has entered a new period of her life, the artist definitely wants to be able to be quiet, she concludes. “During this period of my life, I really hope that the public and my fans who I care so much can respect my privacy in the future. All the love, B”.