Britney Spears: Back on Instagram: She shows off her new luxury pool

Britney Spears is in touch after getting married and moving house

Britney got back to her fans with three posts on Instagram, noting, “Haven’t been on my honeymoon yet…but got married and moved into a new house around the same time.” However, that is not the smartest thing to do. “Everything comes together, it’s scary. I wake up and everything is new: new pool, new kitchen, new bed…” She is currently in shock but will continue to update her followers in the future.

The blonde American seems to have been particularly taken with her new pool, which also has a slide and in front of which she is now posing in a bikini. She ends her post happily by saying that her husband is preparing a steak for her. “Life is Beautiful.” Her fans respond with hundreds of thousands of likes and exclamations like: “Britney is back”.

New freedoms for Britney Spears

Britney Spears and actor Sam Asghari (28) said yes on June 9 in Los Angeles. Marriage would have been unthinkable when she was still under her father’s guardianship. At that time she was not even allowed to leave the house without being asked or to manage her own money. Even the decision to have a baby was denied her. Britney and her husband Sam finally announced their pregnancy in April 2022, but she lost the child just a few weeks later.