Britney Spears does not save anything and her fans go crazy in the networks

britney spears (40)it definitely feels every time more free and empowered, dSince he separated from his father’s guardianship in November 2021. Since then he has enjoyed his new life and shares it with his followers by recording his romantic getaways, celebrations and even his pregnancy.

In recent months, part of his expression of freedom has been through texts in Instagram and increasingly daring photographs.

The last sample of freedom was a series of three images in which only cover your intimacy with a heart. “Photos from the last time I was in Mexico, before there was a baby inside me Why do I look 10 years younger when I’m on vacation? I love you very much, “wrote the ‘princess of pop’ along with the new photos of her.

The reaction of the followers of the artist did not wait. Positive comments They rained down on the new Britney, the one who today feels free to do what she wants.

In a few hours, the publication, which is actually three from the same session, exceeded the million hearts.