Britney Spears’ ex-husband tried to break up her wedding to Sam Asghari

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES.- For the third time the Britney Spears singer trust in love again married her boyfriend of over six years, Sam Asghari in an intimate ceremony California.

However, the couple’s happiness was almost interrupted by the singer’s first husband, who was determined to interrupt the marriage bond.

Is about Jason Alexanderwho was determined to prevent his ex-wife from walking down the aisle and who documented his intentions on social media.

It was through a live video on instagram that the 40-year-old actor did the impossible to stop the happy moment of the singer.

Alexander caught his risky jump at the back doors of the house, until he was subdued by Britney’s home security.

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In the broadcast it was seen that the actor jumped a fence, before that, the guards asked him who he was, to which he replied with great confidence that Britney herself had invited him under the argument that he was “his first and only wife.”

After walking inside a corridor of the house, Jason began desperately looking for Britney in the rooms where he found some guests who greeted him brotherly.

The singer’s ex continued advancing through the house until he came across the place where the nuptial link would take place, as he walked through the place he greeted people and introduced himself as: “Jason Alexander, Britney’s husband.”

She is my first and only wife, I am her only husband, I came to hinder the wedding, no one is here.”, he is heard saying in the recording.

However, Alexander did not achieve his goal and the security personnel subdued him and the Instagram broadcast was ended, it was learned that the police were later called, who escorted him out of the singer’s property.

Jason Alexander and Britney are part of the list of celebrities with the shortest marriages, because they were only together for 55 hours before it was canceled. The couple married in 2014 in Las Vegas.