Britney Spears: On the verge of divorce? The astronomical sum demanded by Sam Asghari in the event of a divorce!

Britney Spears’ love life was rocky until Sam Asghari became a part of it. The latter had also in some ways contributed to emancipating his beauty from this tutelage which was suffocating her. Her father watched her every move. She wasn’t even allowed to drive alone. He therefore publicly denounced the ordeal that his darling was enduring. Enough to put enormous media pressure on the back of justice. The latter has also ended up deciding in favor of the singer who still lost several years of her life.

A clause that makes people talk

It is often said that marriage is a matter of trust. What does not really seem to be the case of the companion of Britney Spears. Sam Asghari would have asked for a sum of money to be paid to him in the event of a divorce with an added value every five years. What amazed the fans of the singer who believed that it was a marriage, all that there was more sincere.

It is in any case possible that this clause was adopted, precisely in order to dissuade Britney Spears from divorcing again. The singer has indeed a strong character and it is not impossible that she gets tired of her beau one of these days. In the meantime, their love is all that is solid and that is the most important thing.