Britney Spears poses topless; some celebrate her release and others question her mental health

July 26, 2021, 1:37 PM

July 26, 2021, 1:37 PM

since a few days, Britney Spears is shown on Instagram with an attitude challenging and provocativefirst lashing out at her father, her sister, the media and anyone who criticizes her and, over the weekend, with photographs in which she appears ‘liberated’, posing topless. Thousands of followers, including some celebrities, came out to applaud the diva and encourage her to continue fighting for their freedom.

However, in the midst of so much celebration, a good number of fans question Britney’s actionsespecially for being at a time when Your mental health will be assessed. to decide if it’s time to end the guardianship of his father, Jamie Spears, over his fortune and his private life.

“Britney, we’re trying to free you. Lay low for a moment.” “Girl, this is not the time.” “I don’t think this type of photo is helping you. You don’t need them! We know you are magnificent and talented,” some of the messages read.

Meanwhile, on the other side, figures like the celebrity paris hilton and the designer Vera Wang sent their support to Britney, who wrote a few days ago “Accept me as I am or kiss my c***, eat s*** or step on Legos”, along with an extensive text in which he announced that he will not act again as long as his father’s guardianship is maintained and that he will continue to do what he wants on his networks.

Spears, of 39 years, is in full fight for his freedom, to end the restrictive guardianship of his father, Jamie Spears, imposed 13 years ago.

control of his father does not allow you to manage your fortune, drive or have children, as the artist denounced. Two weeks ago, Britney managed to get a judge to let her hire her own lawyer.

The whole world is attentive to the progress of the trial, but also to everything that the ‘princess of pop’ is sharing.