Bronco makes young and old dance at the People’s Theater of the Strawberry Fair 2022

Irapuato.- Hundreds of Irapuatenses packed the esplanade of the Town’s theater before the return of Rough to Strawberry Fair 2022.

“Let there be no trace”, “I adore”, “With high-heeled shoes”, were some of the hits that cheered those attending this Sunday’s concert, which was one of the most anticipated by the Irapuatense public.

‘Let no trace be left’ and ‘Adoro’ were among the most popular songs at the Teatro del Pueblo. Photo: Tadeo Urrutia

“We are going to sing, dance, thank you very much for coming, you will not be able to miss this great concert, we are going to make you want it”, were the first words of Lupe Esparza, leader and vocalist of this emblematic musical group, who, upon going on stage, received a long round of applause from the audience.

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During its presentation at the 2022 Strawberry Fair, Bronco managed to bring together dozens of entire families, including children of all ages, the elderly and even people with disabilities, who had a special place at the concert.

Bronco was one of the most anticipated groups at the 2022 Strawberry Fair. Photo: Tadeo Urrutia

Around 11:30 p.m. Bronco closed its musical presentation, leaving the audience with a good taste in the mouth.

This Monday, March 21, at the Teatro del Pueblo of the Strawberry Fair 2022, Grupo Liberación will perform, while on Wednesday, March 23, Los Cadetes de Linares & Tigrillos will perform.

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