brothers had a discussion in the middle of the audition and Nacho dealt with the encounter

The voice Kids is broadcasting a new 2022 edition, in which talent, tenderness and authenticity are the main protagonists of the shows of the young participants. Each child comes to the stage to demonstrate their taste for music, in addition to their dreams of being true famous artists in the national industry.

In this season they have been able to meet unparalleled voices, moving life stories and quite particular moments that occur on stage. This was the case of a pair of brothers, who had the experience of auditioning together, showing off their voice and piano playing skills.

According to what was recorded in the recent chapter, Jacobo and Victoria, six years old, appeared on the program as a duo, seeking to occupy one of the remaining places in the teams of the three coaches. Each one took the position in the place and began to interpret the theme ‘One year’.

His talent led Nacho to turn his chair and block Andrés Cepeda so that he could not compete for the small ones. The children were happy with the result, saying that they were twin brothers and worked as a team on music.

However, at the end of his blind audition, the minors staged an unexpected argument on stage, so their new mentor had to intercede and deal with the encounter. Everything happened because of the announcement that Jacobo made about some gifts that they took to the coaches, but that his sister did not want them to be delivered instantly.

At the time of saying goodbye, Nacho approached the participants and witnessed the exchange of words between them, so he asked them to be calm and avoid fighting. Victoria contradicted her brother for recommendations they were given, sparking a brief controversy between them as to whether or not they picked up the details in the dressing room.

The Venezuelan did not hesitate to mediate the fight of the little brothers, asking them to calm down and find other spaces to deliver the gifts they brought.

Wait a minute, we can’t start this partnership by arguing. They give me those gifts in the dressing room”, said Nacho, who when seeing the two children on stage emphasized that he had received a double award on his team.

Kany García and Andrés Cepeda, in addition to Laura Acuña and the children’s companions, laughed at how funny the moment was, when the twins could not agree to carry out this surprise.

Girl made an emotional dedication to her grandfather

Days ago, the season witnessed a nostalgic moment in the auditions, after a girl made an unexpected request to Kany García for a dedication that she planned to make to her grandfather.

Yisneidy wanted to make a tender request to the Puerto Rican, who is one of the coaches of the season. The participant told the celebrity that if she could sing with her a piece of a song that she wanted to dedicate to her grandfather, who had passed away some time ago.

“Kany, I want to dedicate a song to my grandfather who is up in the sky, and it was to see if you could sing it with me… the song is ‘I confess,'” said the minor, receiving a positive response from the singer.

“Sure, I’m going there with you,” said Kany, who stood up from his chair and went to where Yisneidy was, hugging her and dedicating a few words to her.

Both begin this small segment of presentation, joining their voices to interpret the musical theme. The girl’s emotion was reflected in each line, to the point that Nacho ended up shedding tears and drying her eyes.

Completing the dedication Yisneidy exclaimed harshly: “I love you very much, grandfather”, for which more than one did not avoid being nostalgic, including the relatives who accompanied the little girl to the audition.