Bruce Willis sick: his state of health considered worrying, his family “prays for a Christmas miracle”

The character of John McClane is cult. His interpreter is just as much. Sick and now largely absent from the cinema, Bruce Willis continues his fight against aphasia. But the disease seems to be gaining ground… This is what a source close to the family confides on Wednesday, December 7, 2022. Comments reported by the media RadarOnline.

With his early retirement announced in March 2022, Bruce Willis surprised millions of fans everywhere. So when the sad reason was unveiled, many hearts were broken. Suffering from aphasia, the actor was forced to put an end to his career. Aphasia is a brain lesion, causing full or partial loss of the ability to speak Where understand spoken or written language. Difficult, therefore, to learn a new script or to give the reply to colleagues… A heartbreak for the famous actor of diehard.

Fortunately, the actor can count on a real clan by his side. His family, who provide him with unfailing support and love. Bruce Willis’ wife confided in their daily life with the diseaseexplaining from his Instagram account: “My grief can be paralyzing, but I’m learning to live with it”. On the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations, Bruce Willis entrenched himself like every year in Idaho, for a well-deserved vacation. Around him, his blended family. His daughters (Rumer, Tallulah and Scout, whom he had with Demi Moore, then Mabel and Evelyn, whom he had with his wife Emma) of course answered the call. All hope that the next few days will be better…

Brief “glimpses of the old Bruce”

According to an anonymous source close to the Willis family, the mental capacities of the 67-year-old actor would continue to decline. “He can’t say much anymore and he doesn’t seem to understand much of what others say to him“, she laments to the media RadarOnline this Wednesday, December 7, 2022.”His family knows he won’t always be there“, so she “cherish every moment with him” and “pray for a christmas miracle“, she adds. Already last October, his wife shared adorable family momentsto immortalize precious memories.

In this ordeal, his wife Emma Heming can count on the support of Demi Moore, the former companion of the actor: “She has been in constant contact with Bruce and Emma. She takes every opportunity to spend time with him.. If she’s not by his side, she calls him on the phone so Bruce can hear her voice“The two women in his life have become closer and are doing their best to help him on a daily basis.”There are days they get glimpses of the old Bruce“, always indicates this source, “but they are short and far apart“.

Bruce Willis’ family closer than ever

Obviously, “older girls miss the old Bruce — the one who teased them about their boyfriends and gave them unsolicited advice“. However, there is no question of overwhelming the actor or getting lost in sadness: the family really intends to live in the present moment, and that is what they are doing by sharing it on social networks. Thus, his daughters Tallulah and Scout regularly share family time, to the delight of Internet users. If there are millions of people praying for the same miracle, then it might just happen…