Brunella Horna assured that she is toxic jealousy: “I always suffer” RMMN | PEOPLE

The host of ‘America today, Brunella Horna, surprised locals and strangers by declaring herself toxic jealousy, during the live program where they talked about the topic ‘The jealous brain’.

I am toxic. Sometimes I get up and tell her: ‘My love, I dreamed that you took me out’, and I get annoyed, it’s more. I think this is my brain (the jealous brain) and I need therapy… I always suffer”, commented Brunella Horna.

Ethel Pozo made an infidence when telling what she heard Brunella say in the dressing room before the program: “Brunella has told me that she really suffers, she plays sad songs in the car and cries, but nothing has happened to her, it’s because she likes it”.

The mental health specialist Lizbeth Cuevapointed out that each person is different when it comes to jealousy and explained why jealousy suffers.

The jealous person suffers because he is always imagining and thinking that the person he is with is going to cheat on him, he is going to be unfaithful to him, he is going to betray him, he is in constant suffering and he is in a state of alert”, Lizbeth Cueva mentioned.

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