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Brunella Horna He returned to the small screen with ‘América Hoy’ and met again with Ethel Pozo, Edson Dávila, Janet Barboza and Christian Domínguez for the new season of the morning show. When she finished her work day, she was surprised by her husband with a flower arrangement.

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Through her Instagram stories, the popular “Baby Bru” did not hesitate to share the gift that her husband gave her after her return to “América Hoy”. This moment did not go unnoticed by Richard Acuña and he sent her a beautiful floral arrangement: “My husband always surprising me. Thank you my love, I love you!”, wrote the host.

Mail |  Brunella Horna receives a tender gift from Richard Acuña

Brunella Horna greets Gisela Valcárcel for her 60th birthday: “Thank you for giving us your love”

The co-host of “América Hoy” Brunella Horna greeted the television presenter Gisela Valcárcel, who turns sixty today.

Through her Instagram account, the newlywed shared a photograph of her wedding day with the host of “El Gran Show” and her husband, Richard Acuña, with a tender dedication.

In the text, Horna greets the television producer and expresses his best wishes in 2023. “Happy day Gisela Valcárcel. May it be a wonderful year for you, full of blessings. Thank you for always being aware of all of us, supporting us and giving us your love.“, wrote.