Bruno Agostini attacks Vania Bludau: “She is very conflictive, she likes to hurt” | entertainment | celebrity | Mario Irivarren | SHOWS

After Vania Bludau will reveal in some chats that she was hanged several times by Mario Irivarrenvarious characters from the show have spoken about this case, including her ex-partner Bruno Agostini who attacked the model.

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Bruno Agostini told an anecdote that he lived with Vania Bludau, who on his first outing wanted to check his cell phone and see who he was chatting with.

“I went out with her the first time, she grabbed my cell phone. I told her: ‘what are you doing’, she reacted as if she wanted to make a fight. It was the first time he had gone out with her. She then she said to me: ‘Who are you talking to?’ And I: ‘With whom she pleases’. I noticed a childishness, an immaturity. I myself told him ‘I’m getting out of the taxi’, we were going to party, I’m not going to go with someone toxic “, told for El Popular.

He then continued with: “It is very controversial. She likes to hurt. She, instead of talking to me like adults, expressed herself badly on TV by hurting (…) I don’t agree with the fact that Mario has raised his hand, but I also know that the conflictive one here is Vania. I feel that she is a woman who does not have her feet on the ground, that her TV has her stunned, she thinks she is a diva ”.

Vania Bludau reveals that Mario Irivarren hanged her more than once: “the last one was in front of friends”

In the latest edition of her ATV program, Magaly Medina showed chats where Vania Bludau reveals that she was attacked more than once by Mario Irivarren. One of those attacks was even in front of friends.

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“He has hanged me more than once. and the last one was in front of friends and that was the height of shame (…) I had already normalized it, that’s the problem, because he always said that he came from traumas and fights from his past relationship “, it is read in Vania’s chat.

Then he continued: “I think no one deserves this and it is for that reason that I no longer want to be with him. Believe me, I even paid for the psychiatrist because I love him.”