BTS’s Jin Operated After Injury Receives Support From Fans

BTS member Jin underwent surgery for a finger injury, his agency announced on Saturday. Fans immediately sent him words of support and love.

Saturday started with bad news for BTS fans. The seven-artist agency announced that one of the members, Jin, had to undergo emergency surgery after injuring his hand. In a press release, Big Hit Music explained that the young man went to the hospital after being hurt on Friday March 18. After consulting the doctors, he was told that his index finger extensor tendon was damaged and he needed to undergo surgery. Big Hit clarified that the intervention went well and that the singer was able to return home on Saturday to rest: “He will wear a cast until he is stabilized and for a good recovery. Jin will focus on his rest and treatment to resume his activities in full health.

This announcement comes as the group has just performed three concerts in Seoul, one of which was shown in cinemas around the world. Available only one day, live, the concert ranked second in the worldwide box office during the weekend of March 11 to 13, just behind Batman. They are now expected at the Grammy Awards – where they received a nomination and are scheduled to perform on stage – on April 3. They will then take advantage of their visit to Las Vegas, where the ceremony is being held, to give four concerts at the Allegiant Stadium, located in the Nevada desert. The 280,000 tickets were sold out in just a few hours.

Whether or not Jin, who always cares about making his fans happy with his tracks and sweet touches, has not been clarified. While waiting to have more details on this subject, the latter did not fail to send him all their support and love on social networks. The hashtag #GetWellSoonJin trended for much of the weekend. “I hope he is not in too much pain and will recover as soon as possible since this kind of injury takes a long time to heal,” “Jin injured his left index finger, had surgery and will have to wear a cast, I hope he hasn’t suffered too much and that he will soon be better”, “Now, rest well and don’t worry about anything. Sleep, eat and do things that make you happy. I hope it doesn’t hurt you too much and that you can recover quickly, ”we can read among the thousands of messages sent on Twitter.

“He is recovering well”

While ARMY (the name of the group’s fans) did not hide their concern, the six other members, who were live on video Saturday morning on the VLive platform, gave their news. “He’s fine,” reassured the RM leader. “We are live but a member is missing, right? He’s taking a little break, he’s recovering well. Don’t worry too much, he says he’s fine. The procedure was short, he told us to send you his hello, ”they added.

But difficult for the admirers of the group not to worry about the health of their proteges. Since December, five of them have caught covid-19 and one of them, Jimin, has also been operated on for appendicitis. But on each occasion, the members want to be reassuring, reaffirming their main objective: to be in top form, on stage, in front of their audience.

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