Bubba Saulsbury the millionaire suitor of Aleida Nuñez

There is no doubt that Aleida Nunez he finds himself wasting love but well guarded that he had it, because a series of photographs came to light in which he appears with a Texas millionaire what happened with luxurious vacation across the country.

And it is that the famous Mexican actress has shown that she is one of the women in the entertainment world who can have anyone at her feet, however, luck seemed not to be on her side because she had not found that person who filled her in all aspects.

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It was through social networks that some postcards began to circulate where it appears Aleida Nunez very accompanied by who seems to be her new beau, a millionaire oilman from Texas who took her on vacation to the United Arab Emirates.

Although in social networks the 40-year-old actress did show off the trip and the different destinations that she had the opportunity to be very close to, the truth is that she appeared alone all the time, however, it was precisely the businessman Bubba Saulsbury, her millionaire suitor who captured the moment.

‘Billet old man’, Aleida Núñez finds someone who treats her like a queen. Photo: FB Bubba Saulsbury

So the 51-year-old businessman did hang on his networks the various postcards in which he presumes that he treats the Mexican regional music singer as a queen, because with many love demonstrations and even on a balloon ride, the Texan oil tanker showed that he has what it takes to formalize with Núñez.

According to information from TV Notes, the couple would already have four months of relationship, however, this has not yet been made public because the actress has preferred to wait for the matter to be more serious because they are just getting to know each other.

‘Billet old man’, Aleida Núñez finds someone who treats her like a queen. Photo: FB Bubba Saulsbury

Bubba is executive vice president at Saulsbury, an engineering, general construction, electrical and instrumentation, and manufacturing company for US industrial markets located in Texas.

An alleged friendship of the actress revealed to the magazine that the couple began a long-distance relationship after meeting on a business trip that the businessman had in Mexico, so they spent two weeks in the Emirates to celebrate New Year and he He treated her like a queen, so on social networks the fans assured that she would stay with him for being ‘bitty old man’.

‘Billet old man’, Aleida Núñez finds someone who treats her like a queen. Photo: FB Bubba Saulsbury

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