Burglary on Christmas Eve at Verona Pooth: investigations stopped

There was a break-in in Verona Pooth’s villa. So far there is no trace of the perpetrators therefore, the police stop working on the case.

It was a moment of shock for Verona Pooth and her family: When they came home on Christmas Eve 2021, they found traces of a burglary in their house. Criminals had gained access to the property in Meerbusch.

The police then began the investigation. One of the four thieves had injured himself during the robbery and left traces of blood. But even an analysis of the DNA had so far yielded nothing. Now “Bild” reports that the case has been filed. However, should new information emerge, the investigations would be resumed, according to a spokeswoman for the Düsseldorf public prosecutor’s office.

“Some kind of trauma”

At the time, the perpetrators took away jewelry and objects worth several hundred thousand euros. Including the wedding jewelry of the 54-year-old. Along with this loot and a safe, they fled in Pooth’s Fiat 500, which was parked in front of the house. A surveillance camera captured the scenes in the driveway.

“So far, my insurance has paid me back a large part of the amount of damage. But I fight every day for the amount that is still outstanding,” Pooth explains to the newspaper. When asked if she would like to have her wedding jewelry made again, she replies: “I’m very good friends with Willi Rüschenbeck. He has offered me his help in every form. But that wouldn’t be the same anymore. I’m really in one kind of trauma.” Rüschenbeck is a jeweler and entrepreneur.