Businessman responds to Epa Colombia with serious accusations of fraud

Epa Colombia has married fights with half the country, since influencers with whom she was intimate at some point, even with her ex-manager, businessman Alexander Urreawho has just responded to the “queen of keratins” with a string of stories where she does not dismiss her as a liar, unfulfilled and cowardly.

It all started because Epa Colombia would have promoted a contest in September, where those registered were going to win a considerable amount of money and many followers of the Epa Colombia networks, who in the end did not come up with anything, got lost, left the performance incomplete and there was neither prize nor followers for any of the postulates.

That mess left Urrea in the middle of everything and he had to deal with it until the last few days, when Epa dared to say that the debts she had were on behalf of the employer and not her, who is supposed to handle money well, however, what Daneidy did not count on was that the businessman, head of the Empire House company, was going to speak and with evidence was going to unmask the “queen of keratins”.

In his first story, he calls Epa Colombia a “mythomaniac” and even mentions other influencers and actresses who have shared with Barrera, in which the name of Lina Tejeiro fell. “First, what can be expected from a mythomaniac like Epa Colombia who doesn’t have friends for a reason, since everyone moves away from her because of all her lies and entanglements, that you are a bipolar person is not my fault, for some reason many of those who claimed to be your friends do not even want to know about you or for Marcela Reyes, La Jesuu or La Valdiri to say so”, reads the first image.

Then Urrea dispatches counting each one of the blunders and frauds that Epa would have committed, which today have not been solved by the businesswoman. “Where are the jewels that you were going to give to Lina Tejeiro on her birthday? Where were the $20 million gift to Valdiri’s marriage or all the things you promise to talk about and never fulfill? Or better, the money from the draw on September 20 that the quotas were paid to your account and that you never gave an answer to the people who trusted you to increase their followers. Like Fari Pineda, I had to return the money, since you only blocked and got lost and left me packed as you always do, “added the businessman.

One of the biggest debts that Epa Colombia would have would be with the famous WestCol, with whom they would have agreed a meeting in the streaming what the paisa does, now Aída Victoria Merlano’s boyfriend, and after being with him he would not have paid what was agreed. “With WestCOL when we recorded with Mav in Bogotá you yourself said yes and accepted the streaming with the. Did you know how much you had to pay or I remind you of conversations and audios. I got tired of telling you pay WestCOL and you said ‘No, that Chinese is very expensive’ after going to himUrrea added.

From there, everything is evidence that the businessman has had to put out all the fires that the company sets up. influencerswho not only deigns to evade his responsibilities, but also to continue lying and trying to appease things with more strange tangles.

“Being declared the most influential person in Colombia was done by me. For something you wanted to tattoo my name and you said that I changed your life or I show you all your audios. Why did I play your manager? If you were the one who asked me twice, let it be. Even the prizes that you ‘win’ are fake and bought. Do I remind you how much I paid for the Entrepreneur of the Year awards’?” is another of the businessman’s statements, which has not yet been answered by Barrera, who disappeared from social networks since Halloween.