“But I dream!” : Rachida Dati rebuffs a journalist from Daily Life

On leaving the headquarters of the Republicans, this Tuesday, April 26, Rachida Dati took the fly when a journalist from Daily asked her about the future of her party.

This Tuesday, April 26, journalists from the show Dailybroadcast on TMC, moved in front of the Republican headquarters, in Paris, while party members gathered for a strategic council. The opportunity for Sophie Dupont, who works with Yann Barthès, to question Rachida Dati after their meeting on how it went. “Very well”, simply replied the mayor of the 7th arrondissement of the capital. Not enough to satisfy the journalist, who dared to ask a little spicy question.

The party explodes when, according to you ?” she launched, provoking the amazement of her interlocutor. “But I’m dreaming!”, dropped Rachida Dati, shocked. Determined to get a slightly more specific answer, Sophie Dupont added, in the same tone: “Do you really think you can all still hold together?” Calmly, the former Minister of Justice assured that the LRs are “still a political force that exists in the country”. When the journalist reminded her that Valérie Pécresse, who represented the right-wing party in the first round of the presidential election, obtained less than 5% of the vote (4.78% to be exact), Rachida Dati subtly tackled the woman Politics : “That is the score of a candidate on a very particular election.”

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An LR candidate who failed to “embody” the right?

This is not the first time that she attacks Valérie Pécresse in a half-word. During the election evening of April 10, on the set of BFMTV, she regretted that the representative of the LR “could not touch the concerns of the French”, adding that taking part in the presidential election, “it is also an incarnation”. A way of saying that the woman politician did not embody the right enough to succeed in winning the second round.

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