Buzz Lightyear will have his own royal constellation

The hero of space and who is the protagonist of the new Disney movie will have a constellation among the most famous

With the premiere of the film Lightyear where the protagonist is a Buzz that we did not know and that would be the inspiration for the action figure that appears in Toy Story, Disney has announced that it will have its own constellation.

The constellation will be located between Ursa Major and Ursa Minus, as well as Draco and Camelopardalis. It will be shaped like the silhouette of Buzz in his space suit.

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“Every great story and great hero has its place in the stars,” says Disney in a video posted on its YouTube channel showing the initiative to place the hero in space.

Disney mentioned in the video that people who use the filter published on his Instagram will be able to be part of the registry of the name of the star of the Lightyear constellation.

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The constellation will be integrated into the 89 constellations of modern astronomy.

Buzz Lightyear has been one of the best-known action figures since the premiere of the Toy Story movie in 1995, being one of the first to use the 3D format that was not widely used at the time.