Bye, bye luxury life? Petition calls for Vladimir Putin’s secret lover to be thrown out of Switzerland

More than 60,000 people are demanding Alina Kabaeva’s expulsion from Switzerland

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While Russian troops are bombing maternity clinics and orphanages, Valdimir Putin’s lover, Alina Kabaeva, is leading a safe, luxurious life in Switzerland. This thought pisses off a lot of people. In a petition, they are now calling on the Swiss authorities to stop offering shelter to the former Olympic champion.

The Ukraine war is currently frightening millions of people. While many have to fear for their lives every day, the alleged lover of Russian President Vladimir Putin (69) lives a luxury life without symptoms in Switzerland. Now more than 60,000 people are demanding their ejection from the safe shelter.

Almost 56,000 people are demanding Alina Kabaeva’s expulsion from Switzerland

According to research by the US portal Page Six, former Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva (38) lives in Switzerland with her four children. There she not only leads an extremely luxurious life, but also a very safe one.

Vladimir Putin’s alleged lover Alina Kabaeva is said to lead a well-protected life in Switzerland

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Now, according to, citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine have started a petition on There they call on the responsible authorities to stop giving shelter to Putin’s lovers. This petition now has almost 64,000 signatures.

Alina Kabaeva describes the war as a special operation

The description of the petition reads: “Dear Swiss Confederation, why are you granting residence to the accomplices or accomplices of the Putin regime?” designated.”

While many are commenting on the current war in Ukraine, some celebrities remain silent on the subject. Pop stars like Helene Fischer or Florian Silbereisen have not yet drawn attention to the war and the people affected on their Instagram account.

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