CAF: these aids that you forget to ask for and that you could touch now

Since its creation, CAF folds out to support the tribes in distress. To get to the bottom of it, we have deciphered his method.

CAF as you’ve never read it!

Since the first case of coronavirus, France has struggled to recover. Indeed, already in bad shape, our health system is out of breath. Same if it remains essential, this is not the only subject that worries the executive. Forced to do several jobs at the same time to get by without leaving too many feathers, the heads of modest families come close to a nervous breakdown. To top it off, inflation spreads more disorder in everyday life. Proof being, the price of certain basic necessities has doubled. You have understood this without us drawing you a picture, it is in this thorny and painful context that the CAF intervenes.

Since Emmanuel Macron has been in power, never have the bonuses been put so much on the front of the stage. Those related to activity, housing or payment of the electricity bill are timely for plug the gaps. And it is not Loana who will be able to say the opposite. On the set of TPMP Peopleshe admits receiving the RSA. Faced with this earthquake, she tries to justify herself with the means at hand. This recent beneficiary of the CAF would have enormous mental health concerns. When she realized her meager income wouldn’t be enough to pay the bills, she has no choice but to sound the alarm.

A well-crafted calculation method

Dear reader ofObjeko, what resolution did you take at the beginning of the year? On the side of CAF, this period counts a lot. By plunging into the records of their beneficiaries, officers are doing everything they can to support them. And for that, they have several tricks inside their bags. Depending on your winnings, you have without doubt right to something… except that you don’t know it yet!

Always retroactively, CAF tries to sort out the problems one after the other. Currently reviewing the state of society in 2021, it’s a safe bet that COVID has left indelible traces in your daily life.

Child’s play

If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to declare your situation in your personal space. Don’t panic, unless summoned to the nearest branch, it’s not worth going there. On the other hand, we suggest that you reserve a few hours in your schedule as well as having all documents at hand. Admit that it would be a shame to ruin everything on the pretext of not having the right payslip or rent receipt. After showing your credentials, let the specialists do their benevolent work. Same this “little” controversy causes a shock wave in the offices of the CAF, it should again fulfill its role of guardian angel in the days to come. Continued in the next issue ofObjeko !