Calle and Poché prepare their next documentary series for Prime Video

Colombia.- The Colombian influencers Street&Poche will premiere their documentary series on Prime Video.

This streaming channel will join the multifaceted artists in this series, where they will introduce their closest circle of friends, which includes some of the most diverse and fresh emerging talents from around the world. Colombia, covering dancers, content creators and actors.

The series follows a group of emerging talent, all childhood friends from the same musical theater school, “Misi”, at a pivotal point in their careers as they share their dreams and come of age.

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The influencers. Photo: Special.

Among the talent that participates in the series, are the musical artists and Las Villa twins, the artistic director, producer and manager of artists Juancho Muñoz, podcast hosts Juliana Sedán and Daniela Abisambra, the opera singer Mariana Camacho, the architect turned dancer and singer Juan González, the professional dancer and choreographer Alejandro Valencia as well as the content creator Kim De Sutter.

the documentary series consists of eight 40-minute episodes, and focuses on Daniela Calle and María José Garzón, better known as Street & Poche and his close circle of artist friends.

Street and Poche. Photo: Special.

Calle & Poché are YouTubers, singers, songwriters and authors, in addition to having a YouTube channel with more than 7.56 million followers where they upload content.

They have co-hosted the MTV Millennial Awards alongside Luis Gerardo Méndez, and also released a book in 2019 titled Sí, si es tú.

In addition to that, as a duet they received the AND! People’s Choice Award in 2021 as Latina influencers of the year.

The series is produced by Amazon Studios and 3Ball Productions, sister companies Latin World Digital and Dhana Media, and Miracol Media; the series will arrive exclusively on Prime Video in 2023.

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