Camera café, 20 years old already: the son of one of the stars participated in the series!

This Tuesday evening, January 24, M6 viewers have an appointment with Café camera, 20 years already, the special bonus of the cult series organized with the presence of 16 essential actors. A project that could not have seen the light of day without the presence of the son of one of the stars of fiction.

Viewers have been dreaming about it for years, and now it’s official: two decades after its cessationseries coffee camera comes back with a special bonus titled Café camera, 20 years already. Broadcast on M6 this Tuesday, January 24, this new program brings together 16 stars of fiction in a setting created identically in a studio located in Brussels. An opportunity for Yvan Le Bolloc’h and Bruno Solo to reincarnate the roles that have them reunited for three years on screen.

In this TV movie, the two main characters, Hervé and Jean-Claude, face a major misadventure: one of them has just been fired, and is helped by his partner to pack his boxes. Meanwhile, the duo reminisce about old memories, illustrated in pictures for viewers. Here is a new project that promises to delight the fans of the first hour, but which might not have been possible if Yvan Le Bolloc’h’s son did not participate.

Jordi Le Bolloc’h is one of the authors of Café camera, 20 years already

Yvan Le Bolloc’h can boast that Café camera, 20 years alreadyis almost a family project. Indeed, as at the time, Fred Le Bolloc’h, his brother, is among the authors with Jérôme and Alexandre Aperguisse. But for this special bonus, a new member has joined the teams: it is Jordi, the son of Yvan Le Bolloc’h. A confidence made by Bruno Solo in the columns of Tele-Leisure.

“We called on Jordi, one of Yvan’s sons, who came as a ‘luxury consultant’ to tell us the guys of 60 years, for Yvan and me, and 50 for the Aperguisse brothers and Fred: ‘hey old idiots, that’s how we talk today!’“, he told our colleagues. That should make his dad proud.